Del sol

Started with only Restaurante Del Sol in 2001 we had a vision in mind: offering our guests in El Arenal and Playa de Palma an unique dining experience with a beautiful view. We worked hard, learned from our mistakes and improved the restaurant into a concept that people talk about. By now, Restaurante Del Sol is well known in the area and far beyond. By using fresh products and offering fast and professional service who’re speaking several different languages we will always take the extra step so you can sit back and enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Lounge Del Sol

After more than ten years of hard work, it was not only the new ideas but also the urge to be able to offer our guests a more all-round experience in Del Sol, that made us decide to extend the Restaurante Del Sol. In the year 2013 we opened the Lounge Del Sol on the same floor as the restaurant. Not only brought the Lounge Del Sol a new concept to El Arenal, it also offers more options now for guests coming to Del Sol. Coming to the restaurant doesn’t limit the possibilities to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Now people can enjoy also their time by just having drinks while sitting back in one of the comfortable couches.

Café Del Sol

And there was more in 2013. This was also the year that the Café Del Sol was born. A new baby added to the Del Sol family. Located on the ground floor with an immense terrace on the other side of the street, we again found ourselves an unique location. In Café Del Sol, guests can enjoy their day from the early morning to the late evening. Start your day with an aromatic coffee and enjoy the sun with a fresh cocktail in your hand or a delightful glass of Majorcan wine. That’s not all, when you get hungry the kitchen of Café Del Sol offers homemade tapas, fresh salads, juicy burgers and unique boards with delicious Majorcan and Spanish ham and cheeses to share.

Sushi Sol

As you can read the year 2013 was the year of new opportunities, development and innovation for Del Sol. Being the first in El Arenal offering a menu with fresh and homemade sushi, we found another way to bring our place to a new level by giving our guests another reason to stay in El Arenal. Sushi Sol was born and by not opening a separate restaurant but by offering our guests the opportunity to order sushi in Restaurante Del Sol, Lounge Del Sol and Café Del Sol, guests can combine now sushi with both, the restaurant and the café menu.

Hans Wurst

 After 2013 we never sat still. Every day we learned and tried to find new ways to satisfy the changing needs of our guests. Also the coming years new opportunities were around the corner and in 2014 we opened the snack bar called Hans Wurst. Located next to the Café Del Sol, Hans Wurst is close to the beach and the ideal place to buy some fast food for take away or eat in. In summer when El Arenal is bustling and lively, Hans Wurst is there to serve your needs until the early morning. By the time the sun comes up and your night out finishes, Hans Wurst is there to make you a juicy burger or a delicious döner kebab.

Tutti Frutti

Then in 2015 the last member of the Del Sol family was born: Tutti Frutti. Located between the Café Del Sol and Hans Wurst, Tutti Frutti makes the total Del Sol experience complete. Fresh smoothies, squeezed juices and fruit salads are served with a big smile. But there’s more, the ice cream of Iceberg is the best treat on a warm summer day in Mallorca. The ice cream makers have high demand for their quality and that results in delicious tastes.


There’s no doubt that Del Sol offers something for your needs. Take a look around our website to get to know us better and to see which place is good for you. Will you eat your breakfast on the spacious terrace of Café Del Sol and enjoy your dinner in the restaurant during a spectacular sunset? The possibilities are endless. We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon!

The Del Sol Team

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